4 Must-Have Snorkeling Equipment Before You Go Underwater

Before you venture out for your next dive, see if any of the fun and useful accessories below can help you have an easier, carefree swim.

Dry Snorkel
Seriously snorkelers know how important it is to have a dry snorkel barrel in any condition. If you dive in choppy or rough surf conditions, then the ultimate snorkeling equipment for you might be a dry snorkel. These types of heavy-duty snorkels have a ‘dry valve’ attachment on the top of the snorkel barrel. While the attachment lets in a steady flow of fresh air, it blocks any and all water from entering the snorkel. It’s ideal for rougher surf dives and snorkelers that enjoy diving below the surface love how dry their barrel stays, even when fully submerged. The Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel is an excellent example of a great dry snorkel. Not only does it includes a ‘dry valve’ but also incorporates a non-purge valve at the bottom of the barrel for an extra dry and comfortable swim.

Gear Bag
If you already think you have all the ultimate snorkeling accessories, then why not invest in a sturdy and specifically purposed bag to store all your precious diving gear. Don’t settle for any old duffle bag. Non-snorkeling gear bags aren’t designed to properly and safely hold all your equipment. Instead, look for bags that feature multiple pockets, mesh lined compartments, and heavy-duty back straps. The Tusa Mesh Backpack is the perfect snorkeling gear bag. It’s big enough to hold all your snorkel gear, including fins, and can help increase air circulation in order to properly dry your equipment.

Custom Fins
While fins aren’t exactly considered an accessory – after all, it’s pretty hard to snorkel without them – there are some fins out there that definitely feel more luxurious than others. If you’re looking for a new pair of fins or are ready to upgrade your existing pair, look for a set of fins that feature moldable foot pockets. Diving fins with pliable rubber foot holds form to your feet over time and result in a customized fit and feel. This is essential for a chafe-free, slip-free swim. The US Divers Sea Lion Fins are one pair that feature soft, flexible foot pockets. Their buoyant design, stiff, elongate fins, and soft foot holds make them a great fin for diving, snorkeling, and recreational swimming.

Any snorkeler, no matter their skill level, should always have a defogging solution on hand. Nothing is more miserable when diving than having a perpetual fogging mask. Cloudy lenses not only hinder your ability to see the underwater world around you, but can also cause disorientation and leave you virtually blind in a place you really need optimal clarity. Before starting your next dive, use a few drops of a defogger on your mask to help keep your vision as clear as possible. The Cressi Anti-Fog Solutions for Snorkeling and Diving Masks is a favorite among divers. It’s unique, non-irritating formula helps keep masks (as well as goggles, glasses and other eyewear) fog free for hours on end.

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