Can Nootropics Help Your Swimming

Nootropics seem to be the hot topics these days. Many people lead a stressful life, and they juggle with many things in life, moving from one responsibility to the other, and most of them wish they had something which would boost their abilities so that they could perform smarter and better than others. As nootropics seem to promote the cognitive functions of the brain, it grabs the attention of many people, and they want to try out various nootropics to see potential outputs.

Nootropics are mainly to increase the cognitive functions of the brain, and we constantly wonder if they can help with physical performances. One thing we need to understand here is that our brain is responsible to various functions of our body and if we consume a product which boosts the functions of our brain then we obviously will have an improved physical performance.

Functions of Acetylcholine:

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter and a neuromodulator, and thus it helps in learning and studying many things, but at the same time, they also help in muscle coordination and balance. Acetylcholine helps the brain to connect with muscles and helps in muscle coordination. However, everything has a limit, and when the dosage of Acetylcholine is increased, it could even terminate muscle movements.

There are nootropics such as aniracetam and piracetam which increase the activities of Acetylcholine so that there is improved physical performance.

Swimming is a sport which involved the coordination of your mind and body. Your brain has to coordinate with your arms and legs to help you to stay afloat and move forward in the water. If a swimmer needs to perform well, he/she needs to have proper coordination. Proper sleep and rest are also needed otherwise your body would become stressed, and your hormones will increase and interact with nootropics and disrupt its effectiveness.

The following are some of the nootropics which will help in boosting your physical performance:


Modafinil is nootropics which will help you in being awake for a longer time, and it also helps in boosting mental performances.



Phenibut helps in reducing anxiety and keeps you calm. It is also addictive, and thus you need to consult a physician before taking the nootropic.


Adrafinil is another wakefulness promoting nootropic, and it helps you to do various challenging tasks.


Phenylpiracetam boosts cognitive functions and at the same time boosts physical and athletic performances.



As an athlete, you always need to keep your mind on the game, and though there are many ways to enhance your performance, it is not the true spirit of sportsmanship. You also need to be careful while trying out nootropics as you never know how your body will respond to it. You cannot expect the results to be same in different individuals. Most of the professional sports leagues do not approve of consuming nootropics, and thus it is advisable to take these supplements to boost your performances.